Our selection of spices of different origins is a tribute to the meeting of different cultures, curry powder and turmeric powder reflect Indian culture, yellow mustard brings us closer to America and the United Kingdom, nutmeg makes us travel to Indonesia and finally the crusco pepper and smoked paprika takes us back to Europe.
Spices that also become objects to furnish the home, in nice glass bottles for the most international lovers. We can customize the products, box and ribbon with your company logo and colour. And don’t forget our “Bespoke” service that allows you to replace, add or delete any product in the photo or choose your budget and create your absolutely original gift box as you like.

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Curry is a blend of spices of Indian origin, universally known in the West also as curry powder.
This very fragrant blend of spices can count dozens of ingredients in its different formulas; usually there is always cumin, black mustard, chilli, black pepper, coriander, dried turmeric root


Turmeric is perhaps one of the most appreciated and used spices in the world for the many benefits that this root is able to donate to the body. Whether in the kitchen, in cosmetics or in oriental medicine, this precious powder with an intense yellow color is the undisputed star of many preparations and conquers everyone.


Native to the temperate zones of Europe, it was among the earliest crops grown in the region. For millennia, the mustard plant has been grown quite commonly in North Africa, Asia and Europe more like a herb and was even popular with the ancient Greeks and Romans.


The origins of the crusco pepper are around the sixteenth century thanks to the Aragonese who imported it from the Spanish colonies of the Antilles to Italy and was cultivated with care and wisdom by the farmers who soon valued it, leading it to obtain the certification of protected geographical indication.


Smoked paprika is believed to originate in Spain. Although produced in many other countries, including America and Hungary, smoked paprika is usually associated with Spain. Spanish smoked paprika is classified as mild, medium or spicy.


Its origins are lost in Indonesia, where nutmeg was used as a food since 2500 BC; in Europe, however, it arrives around 1500s but it is at the end of the 1700s that the spice begins to depopulate in the kitchens of the nobles of the time until it reaches the tables of all of us today

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