A small Easter gift to give to your employees to thank them for the work done in the first quarter of the year, designed to also satisfy the employee’s family, the gift box includes a set of 6 polystyrene eggs, 12 colored markers and 6 eggs of sweet chocolate to have fun decorating your home and eat something nice with your children and grandchildren, last but not least the fine hand-decorated chocolate Easter egg from the ancient Neapolitan chocolate shop. We can customize the products, box and ribbon with your company logo and colour. And don’t forget our “Bespoke” service that allows you to replace, add or delete any product in the photo or choose your budget and create your absolutely original gift box as you like.

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Since ancient times, eggs have been attributed the meaning of rebirth and renewal. In pagan times they symbolized the rebirth of nature which took place in spring. For Christians, the egg is a symbol of Resurrection and for this reason, since the Middle Ages, the custom of giving eggs during the Easter period has spread. Initially these were colored hard-boiled eggs. Only in recent times has the custom of giving chocolate eggs particularly appreciated by children spread, but in many countries, on Easter day, the custom of exchanging real colored eggs and decorating persists.


The high quality polystyrene egg can be easily painted, glued, embroidered and painted. Then you can design it to your liking and paint it classic as an Easter egg in green, yellow, pink or red and then hang it as a window decoration.


The egg is an ancient symbol, in Christian iconography, the egg is the symbol of the Resurrection: the shell represents the tomb from which a living being emerges. For the pagans the egg is the symbol of fertility: the eternal return to life. The Greeks, the Chinese and the Persians exchanged them as gifts for the Spring holidays. The decorated egg becomes a talisman, because the painting impresses, through the drawing, the prayers, wishes, thanks of those who do it.


Pack of 12 double-tipped colored children’s markers.

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