The concept of Smart Working is increasingly widespread among companies. It is an organizational model widely used in this period of Covid emergency, but for us it is also a method of combining life and work with flexibility that can last for years to come. Thinking about the needs and difficulties of Smart Working we have created a gift box composed of useful and functional tools to give to your employees in this period.
We can customize the products, box and ribbon with your company logo and colour. And don’t forget our ” bespoke” service that allows you to replace, add or delete any product in the photo or choose your budget and create your absolutely original gift box as you like.

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Black tea

Black tea, called red tea in China, is a type of tea made from oxidised leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant The leaves of black tea, after being harvested and steeped, are dried, rolled and ground.

White Mug

The White Ceramic Mug 300ml are ideal for breakfast, they are excellent for tea, herbal teas, milk and coffee

Dishwasher safe and microwave safe

Eco-cube Plant

The kit comes complete with everything you need: a special soil, fertilizer and seeds. Just remove the closing sticker, water and find a well-lit place. After about ten days (depending on the type of plant chosen), your Ecocube will start to come to life and in a short time it will become a fantastic plant. This practical system is ideal for starting to get passionate about growing indoor or outdoor plants. Once the plant has grown, you can transfer it to a larger pot without having to remove it from the Ecocube, because the wooden cube is biodegradable and inserting it into the soil will slowly transform you into fertilizer. Great, right?

Bamboo notebook

Eco-Friendly Travel Notebook Made Of Recycled Paper & Hard Cover This is a wonderful mini notebook that is eco-friendly and made of 100% recycled paper. The 50 lined pages are a perfect size to keep in the bag during travels. This is a great gift idea and a conversation starter. The bamboo notepad is very light yet durable enough for travels.

Multifunction 5 in 1 Wireless charger

A complete and original 5-in-1 multifunctional wireless charger that doubles up as a desk holder, mobile or tablet holder, portable LED lamp and powerbank with 2 USB ports for charging other devices. This charger is more convenient and easy to use as it charges wirelessly. It has a compartment for pencils, pens, etc., so it is ideal to place on your desk or work table and to always have your writing tools at hand. It can also be used as a mobile phone or tablet holder, very convenient for viewing content or making video calls, etc. Its two USB ports are very useful for charging or connecting other devices. The USB LED lamp is very useful as additional lighting and, being removable, can be used in other devices with a USB connection, such as a laptop. Includes an extra long 1m USB C-type cable. Suitable for Android and IOS on devices that allow induction charging.

Mousepad with wrist rest

With the palm rest, this soft, ergonomically designed mat has a particularly soothing effect when working with a mouse. Thanks to the soft gel filling, the ball sits comfortably on the mouse pad.

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