A really special gift box that collects inside some typical products of the Campania region such as The Datterino tomato that differs from other types of tomato, for its small size and the typical elongated shape to “date” (hence the
nickname). Compared to other tomato varieties, it has a higher sugar content, the skin is extremely thin and has an intense red or bright yellow colour. The Tomato Sauce is one of the most famous Italian sauces and used in Mediterranean cuisine and around the world. The bright red colour, a sweet and delicate flavour, an intense scent and the dense and fleshy texture make the tomato puree perfect for the creation of multiple sauces for pasta. Two of the most famous wines of Campania such as Falanghina doc produced from a white grape variety typical of Campania, in particular Sannio Beneventano, A versatile wine with a fresh taste among the most consumed in
Italy. Piedirosso is an Italian black grape variety of Campania origin. It is among the most common of Campania, it is an autochthonous vine, and therefore not imported. We can customize the products, box and ribbon with your company’s logo and colour.
And don’t forget our ”bespoke” service that allows you to replace, add or delete any product in the photo or choose your budget and create your absolutely original gift box as you like.

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From 100% Piedirosso grapes, cultivated on the steep hills of volcanic origin of the “Sparari”, comes this wine with a lively purple-red colour, a typically herbaceous and spicy nose, which closes the taste with a savoury and mineral flavour, typical of the soils of the Flegrea area. These organoleptic characteristics make it suitable for pairing with legume soups, white meat dishes and fish soups.


From the Falanghina vineyards cultivated on “piede franco”, placed on the terraces of the “burning” Campi Flegrei, this wine is born from pure Falanghine grapes. It has an intense straw yellow colour and clear floral and ripe fruit scents. The taste is strong, savoury and mineral, characteristics that make it suitable as an aperitif or combined with fish or shellfish dishes, typical of the Phlegrean coast. Serve at a temperature of 10/12° C.


Tomato passata is the favourite home-made tomato sauce of Italians, especially in the southern regions of Italy, where its wide daily use has made it the queen of sauces, made even more special by its unmistakable Mediterranean flavour. The tomato is probably the most widely cultivated vegetable in domestic gardens and yields abundant produce. For this reason, most people need to process part of the harvest for the winter months. Making tomato sauce is a part of our rural tradition, and its preparation was once a ritual that brought families together during the summer months. This culinary tradition has been handed down over time, considering that preparing it is relatively simple: just observe a few small but important rules to preserve all the flavour of the tomatoes as if they had just been picked.


The red date tomato is a small, elongated tomato variety with a bright red colour. Sweet and tasty. Recommended for simple sauces, from pasta dishes to pizza.
In 560g glass package


The natural yellow Datterino is sweet and balanced, and is enhanced by light and quick cooking. It is perfect for fish dishes and surprising in creams. It should be drained of its preserving liquid. To add a touch of colour to mixed vegetable, pasta and rice salads, it is perfect for preparing bruschettas and canapés, garnishing pizzas and adding last-minute flavour to delicate fish fillets.
In 350g glass package

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